The Best Workout Equipment for Women

Women may work out for a variety of reasons, but overwhelmingly, they do so to lose weight and achieve a more pleasing silhouette.

Most types of exercise that are geared toward burning calories also have significant cardio-vascular benefits.

With this in mind, let’s consider some of the types of equipment that work best for women.

Group Cycling Bikes

Every gym has stationary bikes available for their members to use, but the very best ones for achieving weight loss results are those that you find in the group exercise area.

You might ride them during an exercise class, although certainly you could choose to cycle on your own. The type of bike that’s used in the group studio usually fits a good deal differently than the typical stationary bike. They allow for better adjustment in terms of handlebar height and position, and also in terms of seat height. This is very important, because most of the time you’re only going to stay on the bike for as long as you feel comfortable, and obviously, if you’re trying to lose weight, the longer you stay on the bike the more calories you’re going to burn.

This isn’t to say that riding the bikes is the only thing you ought to be doing, but they can be a very important part of an overall weight loss and general fitness strategy.

Stair Machines

You could think of a stair machine as a kind of escalator that works against you, similar to the kind of resistance that you get with a treadmill.

The stair machine is extremely effective when it comes to weight loss, because you’re forced to work against gravity while carrying the entirety of your own body weight. During a typical workout, you could get the same effect as if you climbed twenty flights of stairs.

Not only will you burn calories like crazy on this type of equipment, you’ll get an outstanding cardio workout.

The Treadmill

No gym would be complete without treadmills, and it would be a great shame if, in the course of a woman’s workout, she didn’t spend some time on a treadmill.

Treadmills work by simulating the movement of running or walking, so if weight loss is the goal, one can burn a good many calories on the treadmill. You have to work to a certain speed, so there’s no way for you to slow down or take a break. If you want to burn even more calories, increasing the incline can be very effective.

Another technique that boosts the potential for burning calories is to avoid using the side handles – this way you have to bear your entire body weight, and that really ratchets up the calorie burn.

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Rowing Machines

Rowing machines used to be very popular in health clubs and gyms, but for some reason fell out of favor for a while.

Recently, though, rowing machines seem to be enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

Many feature flywheels that are filled with water that give a touch of realism to the exercise – you actually feel as though you’re in a boat and experiencing the resistance of the water. The newer rowing machines have comfortable seating and ergonomic handles, and provide a superior workout for the back, arms, and abdominal muscles. In fact, a workout in the rowing machine will use over 80% of the muscles in your body. This increases your overall strength, and also allows you to work out longer or at a higher intensity.

Whether you choose to work longer or harder, you increase your calorie burn either way.

Machinery for Use at Home

Most types of equipment that are available at the gym or health club can also be used at home.

This gives you the flexibility of working out whenever you want to, without needing to leave your home. You might investigate exercise bikes, treadmills or elliptical training equipment for home use. Don’t waste your money on cheap equipment, though – you won’t enjoy using it, and consequently you won’t work out as often as you should.

You should expect to spend at least $400 for a decent treadmill, and at least $500 for a good piece of elliptical exercise equipment.

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Workout Equipment for Women – Summary

The type of exercise equipment that will most benefit a woman is machinery that allows her to burn calories quickly, while toning and shaping.

Almost any type of equipment that provides resistance training can be very effective. Experiment at the gym to find out what type of equipment you most enjoy using. You might also seek out the advice of a personal trainer to get some help in determining the best way to approach your weight loss and toning regimen.

You can also investigate the possibility of purchasing exercise equipment that will enable you to conduct your workouts in the privacy of your own home.

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