Earnings Disclosure

Thank you for taking the time to read the compensation disclosure for my site, elliptical cardio dot com.

I strive to give you in-depth, relevant and unbiased information about fitness, health, elliptical training and Sole fitness (particular the Sole E95).

I was very happy when I discovered the announcement made by the FTC. They stated that they have new guidelines about testimonials and endorsements to help people understand what goes on behind the scenes of a page.

This seemed wonderful, as I want to let everybody know about the material connections of my page.

As you all know, I wish to make the best site for my readers. This is why I will always offer my content, reviews and services at zero charge, even if that means I need to find ways to pay for them. Sadly, the world of today makes it hard to do anything free, and running my site is not free. It takes daily devotion to keep it up, so I wanted to share with you the ways I do this.

You will notice that there are many links on my site.

What I do with this is gain commission at no cost to you every time you click over or purchase something from an affiliate site. Not every link is like this, of course, but there are enough of them so that I can smooth the price of keeping my site up. I find it important to share this with you and want you to come back, so I want you to understand how things work. Without you, my precious readers, I would be unable to run my site or have any reason to do so. These links, at no cost to you, allow me to keep all the costs associated with customization and design at a minimum. Although I in no way make thousands of dollars on these, I do make enough of an income to help offset any service charges and provide you with excellent material and services.

The fact that I receive commissions from different affiliations in no way means that they influence my site.

The topics and content are not biased or posted to please these affiliates. I do ensure you that I monitor the links on my site as often as possible, but cannot promise that they constantly contain trustworthy content and fitness reviews. This is why it is in your best interest to browse at your own risk. Also, please take note that any claims or statements that manufacturers make should be taken with due diligence. Using your best judgment is therefore important in these circumstances. Please know that I am not related to any of the companies, such as Sole fitness or Horizon  fitness, that you can link to from my site, so I cannot change anything on these sites.

I am eternally grateful for each person that clicks over to my site.

Without you, none of this would be possible, so I promise to keep providing things, reviews and pictures to the best of my ability.

If you ever notice anything out of the ordinary or that contradicts this compensation disclosure, please let me know that that I can change or explain it.

The administrators of www.ellipticalcardio.comlast updated earnings disclosure on April 10, 2014.