Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us and this is our privacy policy for our site at

This is why we take our responsibility very seriously when I comes to protecting your privacy, be it small bits of information, or larger things that you are doing on our site, or interacting with our site, or by phone or email (or otherwise, without your explicit prior consent).

Our privacy policy explains all of this, and also helps you to understand what we collect, how we do it, and why we collect date.

Our Customer and Membership Information Policy

Account information for Membership and Customers that are provided to us, such as payment information, passwords, phone numbers, addresses, or email addresses, are always going to be held in the strictest of confidences.

These will never be sold, rented, or given to third parties, but will be used only for providing your with services and products on this site.

Our Email Privacy Details

This site, elliptical cardio dot com, uses certain forms for people requesting information.

This information comes in the form of email, newsletters, or other alerts that will be based entirely on what you show interest in, for example Sole ellipticals or home workout equipment. We collect certain types of information like your name or email to provide you with information that you have asked for.

We will not sell or rent this information to third parties.

Confirm Opt-In To Our Sole Elliptical E-mail Lists

We provide the opportunity for you to opt-in for lists that you have chosen to receive.

We use your address for email to confirm this in order to provide you with what you requested, and for validity. The reply to this email is necessary because it allows us to complete your subscription. If you want to change the address you use with this, you can do so, but please be sure to unsubscribe with the one that you do not use.

If you change email addresses, or need another subscription, you can simply subscribe again with any other email.

How To Unsubscribe

If you wish to unsubscribe from email lists or newsletters you can.

However, be sure that you click the proper link to do so, and also understand that you will receive no notifications from us afterward.

Our User and Member Communication

Any email or communications that you send us will probably be kept by us.

This is so that we can use them to provide you with better services, reviews and innovate the services and products we currently have.

Our Relationships Are Transactional

Customers, Users, or Members are going to be considered in a transactional relationship with our site.

Because of this, we may need to communicate or email you from time to time. This is only so that we can deliver services to you.

Your Personal Information and Other Data Are Safe

We may collect your name, phone number, postal address, or email address at times when you register for any of our services.

We may furthermore combine this with anything we receive from third parties to create and provide better experiences for you.
Our site uses cookies, which are pieces of data stored on your computer, and other things to ensure you have a quality experience. This also helps us learn how you use our services. We do this so that we can constantly innovate and give you a much higher quality of service.

You may have information logged by our server any time you interact with our site or use our services or products. Country of origin, page views, user sessions, language type, operating system, access times and dates, domain names, browser type, URL, and IP addresses are things that we record.

These are used to diagnose issues you may have, and also to deliver our services.

Our Use Of Your Information

We may use the information that you provide us with to give you services and products that you have requested, as well as to improve upon the services and products we offer.

This helps us develop new products, reviews and services. We might share certain pieces of information with third party sites outside of our site, but never personal information. We use these third parties to help us process your personal information, such as a shopping cart provider, but ensure that they comply and follow our privacy policy, as well as security and confidentiality measures. At times we might have to share information with third parties in certain circumstances when we have to for legal reasons, when preventing any fraud or potential harm, and to be sure that our network and services are safe.

We might also conduct service improve surveys.

Linking And Third Party Sites

This site contains many links that lead to third party sites.

These are not ever going to be covered under our privacy policies, but we do attempt to make sure the links are active.

We do not assume any type of responsibility for what you see on these sites, and that is why we strongly suggest that you review any policies they have, and browse with care.

Specific Advertising Specific Terms & Conditions For Our Site

We use internal and third party advertising to serve you ads on our site.

This also occurs within our emails and newsletters and is based on personal information. The reason for this is that we are able to track how effective our ads are, and so that we can provide you with a much better user experience. The companies that we allow to serve ads use things that they gather from your visit to serve you relevant ads. Things that are gathered are geographical location, IP address, cookie data, history, and other types of data. We will never provide our advertisers with any personal information that you have divulged to us, and also will never sell or rent information.

However, please note that when you interact or click ads on our site, you are possibly giving consent that the advertiser assumes you are part of their targeting criteria.

The Google And DoubleClick DART Cookie

Third party vendors as well as Google commonly use cookies on our site to serve ads to you.

These types of DART cookies allow third parties to serve ads that are based on your visits to other sites, as well as our site.

By visiting:

you may choose not to receive any of these ads.

They are largely interest based and result in the things that you have already visited with your browsing.

Visiting these two pages also helps to explain what ads are and the reasons that you are seeing them.

Our Security Management and Our Data Security

Our site, elliptical cardio dot com, has some reasonable measures of security in place.

This is so that we can ensure that there is no loss, misuse, or alteration of any information under our control. We also give specialized training and management procedures to anybody working directly with our databases. The measures that we take to protect data and fight against unauthorized use include physical security considerations for storing data. We restrict access to all of this information to everybody save those who work with us such as employees, agents, and contractors.

This is only so that they can help to deliver, operate, and innovate services and products that we feature.

Notification of Changes To Our Privacy Policy

You will notice that once in a while we update our Privacy Policy, which is what you are currently reading.

If there are any pertinent changes that involve your personal information and how it is used, please trust that we will notify you via email. This provides you with the ability to know what has changed, but gives you the chance to opt-out of any changes that are taking place, or that will chance. If you have decided to not receive notifications from us, you will not be informed. However, neither will your information be used in this way.

Regardless, we hope that you will check back here regularly to check what is changing.

Your Choice To Decline

If you choose to decline sharing any information with us that is personal, please know that we understand.

However, this makes it hard and impossible for us to ever offer you anything new, or inform you about changes.

Our Legal Disclaimer

We make every possible effort to ensure your privacy is preserved and your data is treated securely.

However, at times we may need to disclose information if we are required so by law, or when we believe it is necessary. This is rare and only happens for your protection, for our protection, or when needed to keep a third party safe. We will keep your best interest at the forefront of what we do and don’t disclose. When we can’t keep our own information confidential, we will delete it.

As always, do contact us if you have any questions about this site,, our statement on privacy, or anything else (such as ellipticals, Sole E93 elliptical or exercise equipment in general).

This Privacy Policy was last updated 2021-09-19.